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5 Common Misconceptions About Invisalign for Adults Debunked

Picture this: a teenager or young adult with a mouth full of metal braces. This unsightly image is so deeply ingrained in our consciousness that we often overlook the potential for teen and adult teeth straightening. 

In reality, orthodontics (teeth straightening) is not just for teenagers. And in many cases, you don’t need metal braces to achieve the outcome you are seeking.

Adults can benefit from this clear aligner treatment, even those over 50! Invisalign clear aligners are hygienic, convenient, and work for many adults with unique dental issues.

Read on to learn about five common misconceptions about Invisalign teeth straightening for adults.

Misconception #1: It’s Only for Minor Dental Issues

One myth is that Invisalign can only fix minor orthodontic problems.

However, Invisalign is effective for many complex cases beyond minimal alignment.

Treats More Than Just Minor Gaps

Invisalign can close gaps, correct crowding, fix underbites, and improve other substantial orthodontic issues. It can also widen narrow arches and level uneven teeth lengths.

Effective for Different Levels of Crowding

Some think clear aligners can only fix mild crowding. But Invisalign works well for many levels of crowding.

It excels at closing mild-to-moderate gaps under 3mm. Invisalign can also correct moderate (3-5mm) and severe (>5mm) crowding. The time taken to correct moderate and severe cases typically takes longer than less mild-to-moderate gaps.

Custom Treatment Mapping

With intelligent Invisalign ClinCheck software, dentists can visualise, predict and track the incremental shifting process of your teeth.

This maps out how the aligners will move teeth into the proper position over each stage of treatment.

And it would be best if you didn’t assume Invisalign clear aligners can’t handle your orthodontic needs until an in-depth consultation. Your supervising dentist will determine the proper treatment for your case based on a digital scan of your teeth. 

Misconception #2: Treatment Takes Much Longer Than Braces

Many adults avoid orthodontic treatments because they fear committing to years of wearing braces.

Traditional metal braces can take from 18 to 24 months to correct teeth. Invisalign for adults typically takes 6 to 18 months, making it a quicker alternative to traditional metal braces.

Invisalign clear aligners may work faster for less extensive cases. It can also combine with other orthodontic elements, like lingual braces behind your teeth.

With custom-fit clear aligners and no office visits for adjustments, Invisalign is just as effective for teeth straightening.

Misconception #3: Aligners Aren’t as Effective as Braces

Some assume braces exert more force, so they work better than Invisalign. But aligners can move teeth efficiently and safely.

  • Aligners deliver steady pressure with durable, medical-grade plastic
  • Each aligner pushes teeth toward their optimal position
  • Tracking ensures teeth are moving as planned

Clear aligners offer calibrated forces between 5-60 grams per tooth. This force range covers most orthodontic movements, from subtle tweaks to more significant tooth shifts.

With continual innovations like SmartForce features and SmartTrack aligner material, Invisalign has proven to deliver predictable and effective results on par with traditional braces methods.

As of 2024, more than 15 million people worldwide had benefitted from Invisalign Clear Aligners!

Misconception #4: You Can’t Get Invisalign If You Have Dental Work Like Crowns

Some adults assume they can’t get Invisalign if they have existing dental work like crowns or bridges.

But with the proper modifications, Invisalign can work even if you have prior restorations. In every case, your treating dentist will be best placed to comprehensively advise you of your options before treatment.

Invisalign Can Work With Veneers and Crowns

With innovations in attachment procedures over the years, Invisalign aligners can now grip onto bonded materials like veneers, crowns, and bridges.

Clear aligners can apply the needed force to shift these restorations during treatment.

Custom Attachments Help

For individual complex cases, Invisalign providers can develop custom attachments.

These nearly invisible slight bumps on teeth help the aligners grip and apply specific forces to dental restorations or implants. This ensures the aligners can integrate with pre-existing dental work.

You May Need Minor Modifications

Pre-existing dental work, such as crowns, may need slight modifications to work with Invisalign treatment.

But this is a simple, non-invasive process. The dentist can bond an attachment to a restoration to assist tooth movement.

Your Invisalign dental team will coordinate your orthodontic treatment plan with any prior or planned restorative work.

This comprehensive planning helps optimise the results you can achieve with clear aligners.

Don’t assume you can’t get Invisalign because of veneers, crowns, or other previous dental work.

With the right attachments and modifications, Invisalign can work even if you have existing restorations. Consult an Invisalign provider to discuss your options.

Myth #5: It’s Too Expensive Compared to Metal Braces

A final myth is that Invisalign costs more than traditional metal braces. But when you look at the total cost of treatment, the price difference is smaller than you might expect.

The Upfront Cost is Similar

Traditional metal braces cost between $4,500 and $9,500, depending on your treatment plan.

Invisalign prices are very comparable. Their costs range from $4,200 (lite to moderate) to $8,500 (comprehensive) for a complete course of clear aligners.

Fewer Visits With Invisalign

While Invisalign clear aligners costs are comparable, remember you’ll likely have fewer in-office visits during treatment than metal braces.

Each visit requires taking time off work or school, so fewer appointments save you time and money.

No Surprise Costs

With metal braces, emergency visits due to broken wires or loose brackets can add up before you know it. Invisalign doesn’t have these unexpected costs.

Improved Comfort and Aesthetics

The comfort and aesthetics of Invisalign have tangible benefits over metal braces. This improves your day-to-day experience while straightening your teeth.

Removable Aligners

Invisalign allows you to remove the aligners for important events and photographs. It’s also easier for you to keep up with your dental hygiene. For optimal results, you must wear your Invisalign clear aligners for 22 hours per day.

A Confident Smile Has Value

A straighter, more confident smile has lifelong value, so the investment is worthwhile for many adults.

Invisalign provides excellent value, given the experience.

The cost difference from metal braces is quite small when you factor in all the benefits of clear aligner treatment. Many adults find Invisalign more than worth the investment.

The Facts About Invisalign for Adults

Invisalign has come a long way since its start. Today, it can correct many dental issues, from simple to complex.

Don’t let misconceptions hold you back from achieving your dream smile. With Invisalign for adults, you can discreetly enjoy a straighter, healthier smile.

At Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry, we combine innovative Invisalign treatment with an approachable, personalised service. With over 20 years of experience, our expert cosmetic dentists have helped 5,900 people love their smiles. 

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