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Minimum Intervention White Fillings

Minimum Intervention white fillings are small white fillings placed in teeth to stop the progress of decay or prevent decay from happening in the first place.

Minimum Intervention White Fillings are the ideal solution for you if you have

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Decayed teeth

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Stopping the progress of decay

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Prevention of decay in back teeth

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Sealing of deep and vulnerable pits and grooves

Minimum Intervention White Fillings

Minimum Intervention white fillings are small white fillings placed in teeth to stop the progress of decay or prevent decay from happening in the first place. These are very important fillings. Maybe the most important dental service you can have.

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This image shows the appearance of fissure decay in back molars(not an actual patient of ACD). Regular 6-monthly check-ups are important as we want to detect and prevent dental disease as quickly as possible. This will save you a lot of unnecessary pain and expense.

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Dental caries can progress in the tooth sometimes quite rapidly and with no pain. In many instances, when patients come to us it is too late, and decay has gone very close to the pulp or nerve of the tooth. When this happens often, a root canal treatment followed with a crown is needed.

Small white fillings are a brilliant way to seal vulnerable areas of the tooth before decay starts. For example, the fissures or deep grooves on the top of the back molars can get decayed easily, especially in children when the enamel of the teeth is not yet matured. Particular care needs to be taken to prevent dental problems before they have started. Once you have a filling in your tooth… you have it for life.

Our Process



Decay often starts from most vulnerable part of the tooth like the grooves and pits on the top surfac​e. The pits and grooves are opened and cleaned using very fine instruments.


Removal of Decay

​Modern dental materials allow us to be very minimally invasive when it comes to cleaning cavities. We no longer rely on mechanical retention of fi​llings and hence do not need to remove healthy tooth structure unnecessarily.

Intervention filling

Placement of Filling

Modern dental materials are capable of sealing the teeth effectively minimising bacterial ingress into the tooth. Some of the materials have therapeutic properties as well and are able to “re-mineralise” the effected dentine.

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With regular check ups and proper diet and oral hygiene you can avoid needing further treatment on teeth that have been protected in this way. Gone are the days of large amalgam fillings. These small white fillings can barely be seen.

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Dr Roshanak and her team are so skilled and kind, I cannot recommend the clinic enough!! My experience there has been so so lovely, and I’m extremely happy with the results of my Invisalign treatment
Ruhi Yaganagi
Amazing treatment for pericoronitis and effective gum laser removal in one single appointment. I am finally able to eat again without any pain. The procedure was done painlessly and quickly! Really recommend! Great patient care and a lovely clinic with a helpful and friendly team.
Nikhita Kumar
Excellent dental team with an amazing reputation and really friendly staff. I I recommend Dr Roshanak Amrein without reservation
Derek Mahony
Would highly recommend Dr. Rosh and her team to anyone. After having an accident resulting in severe dental trauma, she has restored my smile and I couldn’t be happier! I now have the confidence to smile again! She also corrected my sons tongue and upper lip tie therefore resolving his feeding issues and from that he became a much more settled baby. Beautiful clinic and impeccable cleanliness!
Teagan Hazelwood
If you are looking for an excellent value for money, great customer service and the outcome that exceeds your expectations, the Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry is the place to go. Dr.Amrein and her team are highly competent, professional and experienced. I was quite reluctant to start my Invisalign treatment, but Dr.Amrein and her team guided me through the entire process and it has become quite effortless in the end. The results speaks for themselves, a beautiful smile and so much confidence no money can buy.
Valentina Poltavets
Dr Rosh is an amazing beautiful person with extensive years of experience. I highly recommend Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry for any dental work, particularly cosmetic. My smile has been completely transformed and Dr Rosh has tailored a dental plan for me that really has changed my life. My confidence has improved because when I smile, my teeth look amazing. I could not have gotten these results anywhere else. The aesthetics are beautiful and she uses the latest technology. I LOVE this place! Thank you!
Victoria Shinakis
Easily and by far the best dentist I have found in Adelaide. I moved here about 10 years ago and went from dentist to dentist until I found Rosh. No one here came close. Extremely diligent, caring, supportive, understanding, but most importantly, thorough at her job and doesn’t quit until you are happy with the results. What more could you possibly ask from your dentist? Dr. Rosh has surrounded herself with a very nice team, which is always happy to help whenever they can and give advice where they can. Honestly, you can’t put a price on getting your teeth the best care they could have.
Piero Barazin
I have had the most wonderful experience with Dr Amrein and her team. I was made to feel very comfortable, and as I have anxiety regarding dental work the team made sure to explain everything to me and were incredibly gentle. They completely put me at ease and Dr Amrein’s work is impeccable. I have wanted to get cosmetic dental work completed for a long time, and after researching I settled on Dr Amrein due to her excellent reputation. I have found her to be very professional, friendly, thorough and excellent at her job. I can’t wait for the end results of my treatments. I highly recommend Dr Amrein and the team at Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry.
Danielle Przibilla

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