Porcelain Crown & Bridge

Porcelain Crown & Bridge are the ideal solution for you if you have

Missing teeth
Weak root canal treated teeth
Spaces between teeth
Broken teeth
Excessively worn down teeth
Porcelain crowns & bridges crowns are used to restore extremely worn or badly damaged teeth. They are made of porcelain, with or without a metal underlay structure, and cover the whole tooth.

Porcelain Crown & Bridge

Porcelain crowns & bridges crowns are used to restore extremely worn or badly damaged teeth. They are made of porcelain, with or without a metal underlay structure, and cover the whole tooth.

The 'traditional' way of doing dental crowns

Traditionally, to make tooth crowns, part of the tooth surface is removed allowing for a mould to be taken, from which the crown is fabricated. Provisional covers are fitted on the teeth while the fabrication is undertaken. On the second visit, these covers are removed, while the customised crowns are cemented in place.

How we do it - same day visits!

New CEREC technology has made the fabrication of tooth crowns a much simpler process where a digital model of the teeth is taken with a special camera, and the highly accurate tooth crowns are made on the spot while you wait. This new technology also makes it possible for a lot less healthy tooth structure to be cut away making the final result more durable and aesthetic.

Bridges are made when one or more teeth are lost, and the remaining teeth on the sides of the gap are used to hold the bridge in place. A dental bridge is a series of crowns fused together to replace one or more missing teeth. It is very important to assess the teeth supporting the bridge very carefully as if there is a possibility of future problems the whole bridge will fail.

With the advancement in dental implant technology, there are fewer bridges being made these days as more people replace their missing teeth with dental implants. Every case needs to be carefully considered based on its own merits before decisions regarding the final treatment are made.

So how does the procedure of making a crown work? It's simple



​A discussion about what you would like to acheive is the first step. Your options are then discussed based on your individual circumstances.



A digital impression (mould) is then taken for making the crown based on the performed mock up. Minimum roughening of the outer layer of enamel (not visible by naked eye) is performed before digital impressions (photos) are taken again to fabricate the final result. In most cases no injections and no temporaries are needed.



The porcelain dental veneers are then crafted using CEREC, a German-designed Computer Aided Design (CAD) / Computer Aided Manufactured (CAM) system on site by the dentist. This ensures the dental veneers are a very close replica of what we have agreed on.



The veneers are cemented ​on after the final observation and necessary adjustments. we often ask you to return for a review appointment. Night guards are sometimes needed to protect your teeth and your new veneers. 

Case Study 1: Porcelain Crown & Bridge


Missing teeth, broken and unsightly bridge.
Treatment Options:
Implant replacement of missing teeth, 4 unit bridge, partial denture.


Option chosen:
4 unit porcelain bonded to metal bridge

Number of Visits: 2-3

Case Study 2: Porcelain Crown & Bridge


Chipped veneer

Treatment Options:
New ceramic veneer, Full ceramic crown, resin crown.


Option chosen:
Full ceramic crown as teeth is under heavy load and a second veneer may chip again.

Number of Visits: 2

Case Study 3: Porcelain Crown & Bridge


Very worn and discoloured dentition, missing teeth.

Treatment Options:
Full restoration, teeth whitening, veneers.


Option chosen:
The gums were lifted to correct the height/width ratio of the teeth and then restored with prep free veneers and crowns. Lower teeth were whitened.
Number of Visits: 5

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