Teeth Whitening Offer

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Offer 

Get NATURAL+™ (Plus) teeth whitening for just $495

Save 30% off our normal price of $725

At Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry we’ve literally performed hundreds, if not thousands of teeth whitening procedures over the past 18 years. Based on our experience we would like to introduce a new brand-new method of teeth whitening we now offer: NATURAL+™ (Plus) teeth whitening. We have been getting beautiful results with this technique and would like to invite you to try it.

Why NATURAL+™(Plus) teeth whitening products?
  • Minimal pain and virtually no sensitivity or side effects during and after the procedure
  • The world’s only single application teeth whitening system
  • Non-toxic, ecological & biodegradable stabilised hydrogen peroxide (Patented)
  • Neutral pH formula –non-acid like other systems.
  • No heavy metals as found in almost all other teeth whitening systems
  • Inclusion of Dead Sea Minerals in the formula
  • Long-lasting results – Visible immediately improvement of 4 to 8 lightening shades (using VITA scale)
  • Effectively treats all types of teeth discolouration’s and stains including fluorosis and tetracycline stains
  • Calcium and Fluoride released during the procedure
  • Enamel layer protection as well as reinforcement of dentine
  • High molecular mass thickener due to high water content
  • High viscosity resulting in better adherenceProgressive and sustained release of active ingredients safe and reliable

Please call our rooms on (08) 8271 9771 to book a consult to ensure this procedure is right for you.

Offer Terms and Conditions 

This offer is valid for new patients only | It can not be redeemed in conjunction with any other Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry offers | An offer is not a promise of treatment | An in-person consultation by a trained dental professional and assessment of suitability is essential | Offer valid until 30 Sept 2021 | All Bookings must be before this date for the offer to be redeemed | Offer is conditional on availability and capacity of the clinic | You are encouraged to book early to avoid disappointment

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