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Yellow or Discoloured Teeth

Yellow teeth or discoloured teeth are caused due to a variety of reasons and this is bested assessed by the dentist.

In many instances, the individual has a perception of having yellow teeth only, and reassurance from the dentist is sufficient to get him or her smiling again.

In many other instances, the problem is real and can be treated. Where obvious discolouration has occurred, it can make people self-conscious about smiling and hence affect the well-being of the individual.

Yellow teeth or discoloured teeth may be due to dietary factors (notably red wine, tea and coffee) or be due to factors affecting teeth when they were forming in childhood (exposure to excessive fluoride, some antibiotics) or they can be simply hereditary.

Old fillings can also discolour and cause grey or yellow shadows on teeth. Root canal treatments can also cause teeth to become dark.


What can be done about yellow or discoloured teeth?

This depends on the type of discolouration and what has caused it in the first place.

If the stains are on the surface of the tooth, a simple clean will be enough to rectify the situation.

If the discolouration is coming from within the tooth we can recommend a range of teeth whitening options, ranging from high-end Smart Bleach laser tooth whitening, through to Natural Plus [+] which achieves great outcomes with minimal teeth sensitivity, through to Opalescence teeth whitening take-home kits.

In severe cases, we may have to consider dental veneers to obtain the desired results.

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