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Aftercare Tips for Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

Aftercare Tips for Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

Flashing a smile after your teeth whitening in Hyde Park is a fleeting feeling for all. However, maintaining them is another story. All patients want to maximise the teeth whitening treatment they’ve had and to achieve that, there are certain methods you can try.


Longevity Depends on the Teeth Whitening Treatment You Had

It’s not unpopular how patients usually get two options for their treatment, either do it at home or opt for laser teeth whitening in Adelaide. Either way, both are not permanent and would require maintenance measures to get the most out of the procedure.Since at-home teeth whitening treatments mostly require a 14-day strip and gel application, patients are more prone to forgetting and won’t be able to maximise the treatment’s potential. This means that at-home treatments can last for a few months after completing the treatment. Since dentists use laser for teeth whitening, the results can extend for up to two to three years depending on the patient’s diet and oral hygiene.


Aftercare Tips to Maintain White Teeth

Aside from still visiting your dentist after your treatment, following an aftercare maintenance guideline should be enough to maximise your tooth whitening in Adelaide.

  1. Avoid Coloured Foods and Drinks after 48 Hours
    The first 48 hours of your treatment are a vital part of extending the effectiveness of your treatment. This is because your teeth are vulnerable to getting blemishes two days after the session. That being said, you should avoid deep coloured drinks and food such as coffee, wine, tea, chocolate, cherries, berries and more for the next 48 hours. Aside from that, you should also avoid smoking to ensure you enjoy white teeth for a longer period.
  2. Avoid Acidic Foods and Drinks
    Soda, lemon, pickles, lime, and other acidic foods and drinks may weaken your enamel. This would result in teeth that are more prone to discolouration and stain.
  3. Try to Avoid Hot and Cold Drinks and Meals
    It’s normal to have sensitive teeth after the procedure so you should try to avoid too hot and icy cold drinks and meals.
  4. Switch Your Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth
    Since you’ll be having a sensitive set of teeth for a while, you should take precautionary action by switching your normal toothpaste for toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.
  5. Use Whitening Strips
    One of the most effective ways to extend the effectiveness of your teeth whitening procedure is to continuously apply at-home treatment after about six months to one year or depending on the state of your teeth. If you’ve been a stubborn patient and ignored these steps, then you might want to start earlier.

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