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Silver Filling Replacement

Silver Filling Replacement Before and After Photos

Silver Filling Replacement

Silver Filling Replacement

Silver Filling Replacement


Silver Filling Replacement

Amalgam Replacement is the ideal solution for you if you have

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Amalgam or silver fillings

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Excessively worn down teeth

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Concerns about the safety of amalgam

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Decayed areas under old fillings

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Cracked cusps or broken teeth

Silver filling or amalgam replacement is the process of using resin or porcelain materials to replace old amalgams ( aka silver fillings or mercury fillings) together with any decayed tooth structure that may be under those fillings.

Resin fillings are recommended for small cavities only. For large amalgam replacement cases, we strongly recommend ceramic inlays.

Ceramic fillings are traditionally done in a dental laboratory and require taking moulds and two visits. A new technology called CEREC has changed that.

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Why Do We Replace Amalgams?

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Decayed areas under the old filling

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So the tooth looks better especially in the visible part of the smile

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Patient’s concerns about the safety of amalgams

It is very important that amalgam replacement is done for the right reasons and with minimum damage to what is left of the tooth. CEREC inlays provide a safe, minimally invasive method of replacing amalgams and strengthening the tooth in a single visit. Large resins are not recommended in our practice as they lack the durability of ceramics, and they may cause leakage into the tooth.

Same Day Ceramic Fillings?

CEREC is a state of the art German technology that allows impressions to be taken digitally and the ceramic inlay to be made chair-side. This means a single appointment, less need to for local anaesthetic and less need for temporary fillings. CEREC can fabricate inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers and the restorations are amazingly accurate and “tooth-like”. The ceramic materials used are of very similar hardness to the tooth, so they will not cause the opposing teeth to wear away.

Ceramic inlays considerably outlast plastic fillings because they are stronger and more wear-resistant, especially important for the main chewing teeth.

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Dr Amrein started using the CEREC technology in 2000 when she did a research project on CEREC 2.0 that was presented in an international dental research conference in Japan. The technology has come a long way since then, and Dr Amrein has used several versions of this technology over the last ten years. The newer versions of CEREC, are faster and more accurate than before and can yield amazing results. The ceramics used in CEREC technology are all highly aesthetic, and experience shows they have a unique capacity to blend in with surrounding structures. At Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry, we use CEREC for front tooth veneers and crowns (when indicated), with beautiful natural results.

Our Process

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The old silver fillings are removed.

2. Digital mould1

Digital Mould & Design

Following the removal of silver fillings, a digital mould of your teeth is taken using a small camera. The images appear on the screen instantly to assist with the design of the filling. Ceramic inlays are designed using CEREC state-of-the-art German technology to fit the precise dimensions of the cavity.

4. Fabrication3


The information is wirelessly sent to our CEREC milling unit to shave a prefabricated block of pure ceramic to the exact shape of the cavity.

5. After cerec1


The inlays are fitted in the mouth creating a seamless result and beautiful smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

The common materials used in our practice are ceramics and resins.

Depending on the individual situation of the tooth, a local anaesthetic may be needed. We ensure you are comfortable at all times.

Amalgam replacement using CEREC is a one visit treatment. We usually require about one hour. Out of this one hour, there are 20 minutes of design and fabrication during which you flick through a magazine or watch a DVD. You should be able to continue your day as planned after the treatment.

We can’t say any health-related procedure is permanent, however, ceramics are one of the longest-lasting materials in dentistry and with the proper and adequate home care, they should last a long time.

The aesthetic improvement of amalgam replacement is considerable especially in the upper premolar area ( the upper side teeth) where the grey shadow of amalgam is visible.

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