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Laser Gum Lifts & Reshaping

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Laser Gum Lift

Laser Gum Lift

Laser Gum Lift

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Laser Gum Lifts and Gum Reshaping

Laser Gum Lifts and Gum Reshaping are the ideal solution for you if you have

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A gummy smile

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Short or small teeth

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Different sized teeth

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Irregular gum lines

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A crooked smile

Gum Countouring and Reshaping

Laser Gum Lifts and Gum Reshaping also known as Gum Contouring can be used to treat a gummy smile. A ‘gummy smile’ is an aesthetic issue that affects many people. A gummy smile is showing too much gum when you smile either because the teeth are too small or because the upper lip lifts too much. Depending on the cause of the gummy smile, there are several treatments that can help. Often a gummy smile happens when teeth are covered by a flap of gum and the healthy enamel of the tooth is hidden under the gum making the teeth look too short.

In these cases, a laser gum lift can be used as a simple procedure to correct the gummy smile or adjust the uneven gum line. We often use this procedure to correct the height and alignment of the gum prior to other treatments such as porcelain veneers.

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Gum Lift - What is involved?

Depending on the amount of lift that is required a topical (numbing gel) or local anaesthetic is applied to ensure you are comfortable. The precise and gentle laser tip then sculps the gum tissue to the desired shape. Waterlase is a hard and soft tissue laser so if sculpting the bone is also indicated, this can be done without cutting and lifting the gum (as usually performed in this procedure where a Waterlase laser is not available).

Dr Amrein has used the Waterlase laser for this procedure since 2007 almost daily with effective, safe and lasting outcomes. The laser gum lift gives an immediately visible impact and in the absolute majority of cases a lot easier than what patients anticipate. No sutures and packs are needed.

Normally, only a mild painkiller might be required in the first 24 hours after the procedure.

Our Process

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For a pain-free experience, a local anaesthetic is applied to the gum area.

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Gum Contouring

Our Waterlase Laser is set to perform soft tissue surgery. The laser seals the tissues as it removes them one layer at a time, ensuring great control and minimum amount of bleeding.

3. During1

Final Adjustment

The laser reveals the enamel of the tooth from under the gum with precision, creating bigger and better-shaped teeth.

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About a week later the gums are reviewed and adjustments performed if needed. The healing is quick so you can instantly enjoy a full and even smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

A gummy smile is when an excessive amount of gum and a little tooth is shown in the full smile. In some cases (not all) it can be less than attractive.

This procedure is done with a laser and conducted under local anaesthetic; this means there is little or no pain. There are no sutures, no bleeding and no gauze packs. Postoperative pain is negligible. However, if there is a small amount of discomfort, mild anti-inflammatory medication can be taken to ease this. Keep in mind you have had a surgical procedure, and even though it might not seem like it, the area should still be treated as one.

Gum infections after laser surgery are extremely rare.

The laser works by ‘cutting’ away the gum. It does not grow back after the treatment has been completed.

As the laser cuts it also seals the area allowing for little or no bleeding to occur. If there is bleeding it is only a small amount and will stop shortly after the procedure.

The procedure time can vary from patient to patient. Generally allowing an hour can be all that is required. Most patients can return to their normal, daily life after having a laser gum lift.

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