Laser Gum Lifts and Gum Reshaping

Laser Gum Lifts and Gum Reshaping are the ideal solution for you if you have

A gummy smile
Short or small teeth
Different sized teeth
Irregular gum lines
A crooked smile

Laser Gum Lifts and Gum Reshaping

Laser Gum Lifts and Gum Reshaping can be used to treat a gummy smile. A 'gummy smile' is an aesthetic issue that affects many people. A gummy smile is showing too much gum when you smile either because the teeth are too small or because the upper lip lifts too much. Depending on the cause of the gummy smile there are several treatments that can help. Often a gummy smile happens when teeth are covered by a flap of gum and the healthy enamel of the tooth is hidden under the gum making the teeth look too short. In these cases, a laser gum lift can be used as a simple procedure to correct the gummy smile or adjust the uneven gum line. We often use this procedure to correct the height and alignment of the gum prior to other treatments such as porcelain veneers.

Laser Gum Lifts - What is involved?

If the teeth are not covered by the gum and the problem is a "hyperactive upper lip", then we may recommend a small dose of Botox to relax the top lip muscles. This is a reversible procedure and is a conservative approach in very pronounced cases of ‘gummy smile’. At Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry, we use a Waterlase laser to perform various laser treatments including gum lifts. Usually, only one laser treatment is required, and the procedure does not require packs or sutures. It is very important for your smile to be assessed to see if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment of gum tissue types vary greatly between individuals. Waterlase laser, for the treatment of various lesions on lips and gums, treatment of gum disease, and reduction of tooth sensitivity giving brilliant instant results.

So how does the procedure work? It's simple



For a pain-free experience, a local anaesthetic is applied to the gum area.



Our Waterlase Laser is set to perform the soft tissue surgery. The laser seals the tissues as it removes them one layer at a time, ensuring great control and minimum amount of bleeding.



The laser reveals the enamel of the tooth from under the gum with precision, creating bigger and better-shaped teeth.



About a week later the gums are reviewed and adjustments performed if needed. The healing is quick so you can instantly enjoy a full and even smile!

Case Study 1: Laser Gum Lift


Asymmetrical gum line and slightly small teeth.


Laser gum lift.
(Please note this photo was taken immediately after treatment completion)

Case Study 2: Laser Gum Lift


Gummy smile, small teeth.


Laser gum lift to lengthen the teeth.

Case Study 3: Laser Gum Lift


Gummy smile, small front teeth.

Treatment Options:
Replace crown and veneers, gum lift.


Option Chosen:​

The key to the success of this case lies in performing a laser gum lift to bring the four front teeth in line with the rest of the smile and reduce the gumminess. The two front crown were then replaced and prep free porcelain veneers were placed on the teeth on either side.

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Laser Gum Lift and Reshaping

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