Lip and tongue tie release

Lip and Tongue Tie Release

Lip and tongue tie release is the ideal solution for you if you have

Broken Teeth
A lip tie causing  space in upper front teeth
Broken Teeth
A tongue tie limiting mobility of your tongue
Broken Teeth
Ongoing headaches and jaw pain, grinding and snoring
Broken Teeth
Difficulty with eating and speech
Tethered (restricted) oral tissues commonly known as lip and tongue ties can impact the function of the muscles of face and oral cavity. Likened to having an elastic exercise band tied around a muscle, these restrictive membranes can limit the ease of mobility of the tongue and the muscles that make up the mouth. This can have cascading effect on many aspects of our health and well-being including airways and sleep. This is an area where many health practitioners are starting to learn more about and the evidence for the rationale for treatment is mounting. 
So how does the procedure work? It's simple


Lip and tongue tie release

You are thoroughly assessed to see if the frenum in question is actually restricting mobility. It is often helpful to have had an assessment done by another practitioner such as your GP, chiropractor or physiotherapist. A myofuctional therapists involvement is often needed. 



The method of anesthesia used is often determined by the age of the patient. In adults a small local anesthetic is sufficient to keep you comfortable during the procedure. In young children happy gas may be used.



We use a Waterlase laser to release restricted tissues and depending on the age of the patient we may get you to perform various movements of the tongue as we carry out the surgery  to ensure a thorough and sufficient release is obtained and the tongue has gained a full range of motion.



Suturing is often used in adult patients to minimise the need for post operative stretches and minimise scar tissue formation. Suturing may not be possible in young children and infants. Luckily laser seals the tissues as it cuts minimising the risks of bleeding and infection. 



The results of laser frenectomies are often felt immediately and reported by adult patients as a dramatic sense of freedom of movement. They often feel their tongue sitting against the roof of the mouth for the first time. This position is the correct posture of the tongue. Needless to say results vary between individuals.

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