Oral Therapists and Hygienists

Oral Therapists and Hygienists

Oral Hygiene Treatment is the ideal solution for you if you have

Puffy gums
Puffy gums
Porcelain Crown Bridge
Bleeding gums
Bad breath
Stains on teeth
One of the most important aspect of your oral health, regular oral hygiene treatment is simply having your teeth and gums cleaned professionally by a qualified dental hygienist or dentist on a regular basis.
Oral Hygiene Treatment
Oral Hygiene Treatment
Oral Hygiene Treatment
Oral Hygiene Treatment

Oral hygiene treatment

Oral hygiene treatment is simply having your teeth and gums cleaned professionally by a qualified dental hygienist or dentist. Like your regular check-up visits, oral hygiene treatment is one of the most important aspects of keeping your oral health in top shape. Plaque is a sticky substance that forms on the surface of the teeth. If not cleaned it harbours harmful bacteria that cause gum disease and dental decay. The minerals contained in saliva cause plaque to calcify or set hard on your teeth. The calcified plaque is called calculus or "tartar" and contributes greatly to gum disease. Oral hygiene treatment is careful cleaning of calculus from your teeth.

Treat Gum Disease

Gum disease is called "periodontal disease" when it affects the gums AND bone surrounding the teeth. This is a serious issue and causes pain, puffiness, loose teeth, infection and tooth loss. It is linked to systemic problems as serious as heart disease.


If gum disease only affects the gums, it is called "gingivitis". Gingivitis is the red puffy condition of the gums creating a bad odour, bleeding when you brush, puffiness and pain. In addition to its harmful effect on your health, gingivitis can make a smile very unattractive. You can start to understand why oral hygiene treatments should not be neglected.

Gentle Touch

Our dental hygienist is known for her gentle touch. She understands the need for careful monitoring of gum health and is passionate about educating her patients about effective oral hygiene and dental care. For most patients, a six-monthly oral hygiene treatment is highly recommended. These visits are covered by most health funds and if you are an HCF, member they are provided gap-free.

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Oral Hygiene Treatment Adelaide

Fundamental to the health of your mouth, regular professional cleans are essential in early detection and prevention of tooth decay and gum disease. Once the plaque build-up around your teeth sets hard to form tartar (calculus), then no amount of brushing can remove it. It triggers your immune system to form an inflammatory reaction. This chronic inflammatory response is called gingivitis. If left unchecked gingivitis can damage the gums and the bone that keeps the teeth in place.

So if you have not been for a dental clean and check-up for over 12 months or if you have:

  • Bleeding, sore and puffy gums?
  • Stains on your teeth?
  • Noticed bad breath more often?
  • Haven’t had a professional clean for a while?
  • Oral hygiene treatment could be the ideal solution for you
Oral Hygiene Treatment Adelaide
Oral Hygiene Treatment Adelaide

To prevent gum disease, regular oral hygiene treatment by a dentist, oral health therapist or hygienist is recommended (even if we have a good home oral hygiene routine)

Having your teeth and gums cleaned professionally can prevent many underlying factors leading to a sore mouth and early tooth loss.

If you are looking to:

  • Improve your oral health
  • Would like to have healthier and fresher breath/mouth
  • Remove stains off your teeth
  • Maintain a healthy smile for life

Please contact us for a check-up and oral hygiene treatment

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