Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is the ideal solution for you if you have

Permanently stained or discoloured teeth
Yellow teeth
Dull or dark looking teeth
Teeth whitening is becoming more popular as people are taking better care of their teeth and wanting to present a beautiful smile. 

At Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry, we use a​ gentle system called Natural Plus ​to visibly brighten up your teeth while minimising heat and sensitivity. ​​Having a qualified dental professional performing the procedure is really important to ensure your gums and teeth are protected and to make certain you are a suitable candidate for tooth whitening. 

Case Study 1:  Teeth Whitening


Creamy white teeth, patient wanted whiter and brighter smile. Slightly discoloured.

Treatment Options:

Take home tray bleaching or Teeth whitening.


Option Chosen:

Teeth Whitening

Number of visits - 1 

Case Study 2:  Teeth Whitening


Lower teeth much darker than upper teeth.

Treatment Options:

Take home tray bleaching or Teeth Whitening on lower teeth only.


Option Chosen:

Teeth whitening

Number of visits - 1

Case Study 3: ​Teeth Whitening


Discoloured teeth and old, chipped, discoloured fillings.

Treatment Options:

Take home tray bleaching or Teeth whitening with old fillings replaced.


Option Chosen:

Teeth Whitening and replacement of old fillings.

Number of Visits - 1

(Please note this picture has been taken prior to replacement of the old fillings.)

*Actual Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry patients

So how does the procedure work? It's simple



​The teeth are carefully cleaned of plaque and debris and the gums are isolated with a blue resin barrier for protection.



​A patented red hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth and is activated using a ​light. The interaction between the gel and the ​light breaks the staining molecules and leaves the teeth looking whiter. The formulation is non-acidic and no UV light is used.


​A second application

​An additional ten minute application of whitening solution and light may

 be indicated



​Enjoy a significantly whiter smile! Results will last longer if staining foods and drinks, such as black tea, coffee and red wine, are avoided.

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Teeth Whitening

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