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Unsightly Silver Fillings

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Unsightly Silver Fillings

Unsightly silver fillings are often called mercury fillings by the public and can pose a real aesthetic issue.

Silver fillings or dental amalgams are durable, long-lasting and inexpensive materials, and hence they were used extensively in Australia for a long time. They are still one of the most commonly used dental materials in the world.

Recently these materials have been the subject of controversies regarding potential mercury poisoning, and many people are advised by their alternative health practitioners to have them removed.

In our opinion, if a person feels uncomfortable retaining their amalgams, then they have every right to have them removed especially if this is done correctly and with minimum damage to the rest of the tooth and especially if the right replacement materials are used.

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Another good reason for replacement of silver fillings is that they don’t augment the beauty of your smile. Ceramics are a brilliant replacement for amalgams are they are both aesthetic and durable.

In our practice, resins are not recommended for large cavities.

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