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Why Are So Many Celebrities Are Choosing Dental Veneers to Improve Their Smile?

Have you ever wondered why so many celebrities have such ‘naturally’ beautiful smiles? You might be surprised to find just how many of them have had some form of “Smile Makeover” to create their ideal smiles.

Why Are So Many Celebrities Are Choosing Dental Veneers to Improve Their Smile?

Tom Cruise – Before & After

Once the preserve of movie stars and A-list celebrities, the rise of modern, sophisticated cosmetic dental treatments like Porcelain Dental Veneers have become an increasingly popular and affordable option for people from all walks of life, whether it is to one or two veneers through to a complete Smile Makeover, dramatic changes can occur in only a few visits with the right cosmetic-focused dentist, like Dr Amrein.

Why Are So Many Celebrities Are Choosing Dental Veneers to Improve Their Smile?

Jennifer Garner – Before & After

People often forget that your teeth and smile frame for the rest of the face and dramatic changes to one smile line can lead to equally dramatic changes in one’s overall appearance. But, equally, a beautiful smile can be just as effective as Botox in your youthful good looks.

As Dr Amrein explains, with a “Smile Makeover” using porcelain dental veneers “, the aim is to create harmony and symmetry within the face which can naturally restore youthfulness,” whose celebrity clientele includes well-known celebrities, famous chefs, captains of industry and Australian cricketers who rely on her to craft their camera-ready smiles.

Why Are So Many Celebrities Are Choosing Dental Veneers to Improve Their Smile?

Ronaldo – Before & After

Dr Amrein goes on to share that teeth develop the same way as the skin, “as time passes, the skin naturally loses elastin and collagen, forming wrinkles and drooping the skin, which is equivalent to what happens to the teeth. Teeth age, shift, wear down, get stained and suffer discolouration, but, what most people do not know, is that teeth support the lower third of the face, and over the years, the support starts to collapse.”

Why Are So Many Celebrities Are Choosing Dental Veneers to Improve Their Smile?

ACD Patient – Before & After

“This is where a Smile Makeover comes in; it helps to re-establish the balance in the face is what I seek for all of my patients,” says Dr Amrein. “During a cosmetic dental consultation, I carefully review and study all the components of the patient’s face to be able to achieve a harmonious natural smile. That means considering every trait, for example, the shape of the face, tooth colour, tooth size, age, and skin tone. Collectively, I am analysing how the teeth complement or withdraw from the overall perspective.

About Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry

At Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry, this process is called an ‘Ideal Smile Design.’ By adjusting the position and refreshing the colour of the teeth to a more desirable state, will provide the necessary support to the lower part of the face, so the patient obtains a younger, more rejuvenated look around a natural-looking, beautiful smile. Dr Amrein’s goal is to create a seamlessly beautiful smile that looks like you have never done any work.

Dr Amrein does not use the traditional method as most dentists do. Instead, she believes that using the ‘Ideal Smile Design’ process leverages the latest approaches and digital technology to aid in the creation of achieving ideal symmetry, individually tailored to the outcomes for each patient.

Her combination of mastery of the latest technology and her artistic skills enables her to create smile mock-up, first digitally and later using temporary composite veneers so you can trial your new smile before they are permanently affixed. This process allows patients to see how their future smile will look like to provide her with their feedback before he completes the final permanent veneers.

Once the patients sign off on their customised veneers, we use the latest in German-made CEREC dental technology to mill their veneers in-house based on exact digital copies of the mock-ups. The final step in the Sile Makeover process is to affix the porcelain veneers permanently.

Now you have a better understanding of how Dr Amrein operates, and if you feel this is a procedure, you are encouraged to book a consult at our clinic to see what is possible.

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