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Worn-Down Teeth

Our teeth naturally wear down as we age, but in some cases, the wearing of the teeth is so severe that it can adversely affect the individual’s dental health and appearance. In these cases, treatment may be required.

Worn down teeth are caused by several reasons. They can be formed as a result of teeth grinding, habits like chewing pens or nails and excessive or hard tooth brushing (dental abrasion and attrition). Worn down teeth can be a direct result of exposing your mouth to acidic foods and drinks too frequently (dental erosion). Often a combination of factors is in play.

An example of tooth enamel wearing down due to acid exposure (dental erosion)

Worn down teeth often mean shorter teeth affecting the appearance of the lower third of the face and the way you bite together. Restoring the original height of these teeth can sometimes be a lengthy and complicated process. Prevention is of paramount importance and detecting the early signs of tooth wear before the situation is too advanced is vital.

shutterstock | Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry
shutterstock | Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry

Worn Down teeth -Prevention:

Here are some of the preventative measures we may prescribe to minimise tooth wear:

  • Provision of a nightguard to stop you grinding at night
  • Recommendation of topical products like fluoride or Tooth Mousse
  • Frequent sipping of water
  • Investigation and treatment of stomach reflux or any other underlying gastric issues (such as Bulimia Nervosa) by your GP
  • Examination and treatment of dry mouth syndrome
  • Correction of tooth brushing technique
  • Correction of other habits such as nail-biting
  • An example of toothbrush abrasion

Worn down teeth- Treatment options

Treatment of worn-down teeth varies depending on the extent of the damage. However, the underlying causal factor needs to be under control for any treatment to be successful. Procedures need to be tailor-made to each person’s unique dental needs. For more information, please see the relevant pages for;

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