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Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are a common issue. Tooth sensitivity can interfere with daily function.

There are several reasons why we might have sensitive teeth. Dental decay, inflammation of the pulp, and dentine exposure are some of the common causes.

When teeth decay, they can be sensitive to cold, hot or sweets. When the decay progresses too deep into the tooth, it affects the pulp. An inflamed pulp also makes the tooth very sensitive to temperature and pressure. Sensitive teeth with advanced pulp inflammation may need root canal treatment.

Hard tooth brushing, amongst other factors, can cause gum recession. The exposed dentine is often sensitive to cold. Sensitive teeth that have been damaged by hard tooth brushing may need a filling.

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Depending on the cause of sensitivity, the treatment of tooth sensitivity varies. We have had incredible instant results treating sensitive teeth with a laser. The procedure is quick and harmless and inexpensive and has given our patients lasting relief.

Each case needs to be assessed carefully and treated based on its merit. An examination by the dentist is essential.

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