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Things You Need to Know About Emergency Dental Implants in Adelaide

Emergency dental implants are typically used after accidents or when the damaged tooth can no longer be replaced. With dentists ready to respond quickly to your dental emergencies, you can still maintain good oral health even after unexpected situations. Emergency dentists can provide you with a missing tooth immediately.

When it comes to dental implants, dentists follow a uniform process:

  • Damaged tooth removal
  • Post-placement in the empty socket
  • Temporary crown installation
  • After a few months, the permanent crown is placed. This is done when the implant secures and bonds to the patient’s jawbone.

Emergency dental implant procedures can be done in as little as an hour. Within a day, you can smile without having to worry about a missing tooth. Emergency dental implants are typically for cosmetic regions. In other words, they typically replace incisors and canines. Still, you can have an implant in any part of your mouth. Ask your dentist about it.

How Emergency Dental Implants Work

The placement of dental implants in Australia will usually more than one visit. So don’t expect to ou won’t be leaving the clinic with permanent teeth.

On the first procedure, you will get your temporary teeth. After your mouth heals completely, you’ll wait for a few months later to get permanent teeth. Expect to attend a total of three procedures. First is the initial dental consultation, second is the surgery proper, and finally, you’ll go through a post-procedure check-up.

Not all patients are eligible for emergency dental implants. To make the procedure successful, you need to have enough jaw bone mass, and the rest of your teeth should be healthy. Those with one or a couple of broken teeth have greater chances of a successful procedure. It’s essential to act fast when you have a broken or fractured a tooth. Otherwise, getting dental implants may be more difficult in future.

The Types of Emergency Dental Implants

The length of a tooth implant procedure depends on the type of implant you’ll get from your dentist. Discussed below are the different kinds of emergency dental implants:

Single-Tooth Dental Implant.
As the name suggests, this type involves implanting a single tooth (also known as a crown). Your dentist will implant a tiny titanium device into your gum. It will serve as the artificial root, which keeps the new tooth securely in place.

Full-Arch Dental Implants.
Teeth are housed in sections known as “arches”. Patients who require whole arch replacements will receive full-arch implants.

Implant-Supported Dentures.
This type uses the current dentures. The doctor will convert them into implants by connecting abutments to the bottom. These parts will be used for attaching the prosthetic to the root made of titanium. Note that this procedure will take longer than others because custom dentures are involved in the implantation procedure. Still, you will have a full smile after your first procedure.

Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry is always ready for the emergency dental services you require. Call us today and let’s speak about your tooth problem.

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